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Helping a fall patient back into bed, a chair or onto the ambulance cot should launch risk mitigation in the patient’s home to prevent future falls
Co-hosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson discuss the ethics of six responders who followed a man’s request to stop CPR on his wife without having DNR paperwork
These five strategies can help fire/EMS get seniors into safe hands
Hundreds of evacuations were taking place in the Fort Myers area, where storm damage cut off potable water to at least nine hospitals
Medicare- and Medicaid-certified hospitals and other facilities could insist that ambulance service staffers must be vaccinated
Dozens of emergency vehicles responded to an MCI at the Amazon center near Edwardsville, Ill., following severe storms
Crews argue they’re being taken advantage of and potentially taken out of action when a real disaster strikes; political battle begins
4 people, who were evacuated to the warehouse, died in the unsafe and unhealthy conditions
Polk County public transit officials said paratransit drivers have more frequent exposure to nursing home residents than EMS providers
The order permits EMTs and military members with medical training to apply for temporary licenses to assist in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities in the state
Deliveries of the Pfizer vaccine are scheduled throughout Monday and Tuesday to healthcare facilities and nursing homes across the country
The panel will decide on priority for other first responder groups at future meetings
Forsyth County EMT Steven Plante spread joy to residents and his crew with a piano rendition of “My Heart Will Go On”
Williamson County community health paramedics will assess infection control and responses in at least 40 nursing homes and assisted living facilities now allowing visitors
Police said the ambulance was running and unlocked outside of a nursing home before it was stolen
The patient reportedly spilled out of the stretcher and struck their head while being loaded into an ambulance
Detroit EMS Supervisor Capt. Robert Calandro’s surgery to have the tumor removed was canceled due to the pandemic
EMS providers from Royal Ambulance stepped in to assist after staff members and residents at eight skilled nursing facilities fell ill
The temporary change is expected to help fill staffing shortages at the facilities
Fire officials say the fees would hopefully deter facilities from relying too heavily on emergency services
More than 50 people in a nursing facility in the state have been reported feeling sick and are being tested for the virus
Officials said about one-fifth of Xenia’s ambulance calls come from senior living facilities, often for non-emergencies
First responders worked together to help evacuate 82 residents and five staff members from a three-alarm fire at a senior living facility
Heartland Ambulance Service transported Karen Vaughn to the polls after a mix-up with her absentee ballot required her to vote in person
A federal report found that care related to sepsis was the most common reason given for transfers of nursing home residents to hospitals
An expert said the Rehabilitation Center didn’t have nearly enough portable units and those they had wound up heating much of the facility
Crew members said they were only focused on transporting the patient who was the subject of the current 911 call
AMR’s “Home for the Holidays” program takes nursing-home patients to their families’ homes and back, at no charge
At first there was no hint of distress in the 911 calls, no sense of a crisis unfolding