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Whether it’s navigating a pediatric resuscitation or to the ED entrance that’s blocks away from a hospital’s posted address, these apps should be on every EMT’s smartphone
Download this free guide for timely tips on low-volume call types, getting grant funding, expanding your scope through technology and more
This app helps EMS providers triage symptoms more accurately and quickly – and get the patient to the right facility without delay
The VenTrainer app enables new training opportunities in the world of mechanical ventilation
The Handtevy partnership includes a mobile app and education
Kelly Grayson shares how the digital amplification option from Eko stands up to rig noise and abuse
This step-by-step guide will help you plan, prepare and apply for grant funding to support your EMS organization
Flexible and scalable care systems that support clinicians for a variety of out-of-hospital needs will help reduce errors and improve outcomes
The RapidSOS web-based tool will enable responders to connect patients with the best resources
The new service allows individuals to receive notifications sent from local authorities to stay informed on potentially hazardous situations involving weather, traffic and other emergencies, including the spread of COVID-19
Clark County has been using the app to aid responses to cardiac arrests and overdoses since 2018
Instead of giving stock to its executive team, Ambulnz gave it to its frontline responders, and paired it with a novel push-to-request dispatch system
Drexel University researchers reported the outcomes of the use of the app in Philadelphia over the course of a year
“Heroes Health” is available for free download for first responders and healthcare personnel to assess their mental health symptoms and access support resources
In Boston, 911 callers can elect to speak with a physician rather than send an ambulance; in Worcester, EMS providers are equipped with a telehealth mobile app