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Heart Disease

Though their chief complaint of shortness of breath is the same, these patients develop dyspnea by different means
Know the difference between septic shock and cardiogenic shock and how to treat both in the field
An Apple Watch update can detect abnormal heart rhythms and even call 911 for the user; learn how it works
The analysis found higher numbers of deaths on the hottest days and said the coldest days were fatal to even more people
EMS providers resuscitated Sandridge Volunteer Fire Department Capt. Doug Delk within 10 minutes and transported him to a hospital
The golfer, Steve Levin, has since had Lincolnwood Fire Department members conduct CPR training at his law firm and wants to raise public awareness of CPR
The recently published report may have implications for EMS providers who work long hours and frequent overtime shifts
Researchers evaluated the use of a pre-hospital modified HEART Pathway method for patients who call 911 due to chest pain
New York and Ohio researchers are using dust collected within 72 hours of the collapse of the twin towers in their tests
The foundation’s 40 Under 40 Program seeks to raise awareness and reduce stigma surrounding younger cardiac arrest patients
The stress-induced condition, sometimes called “broken heart syndrome,” produces the same symptoms as a heart attack and can be fatal
The grants will help form a national collaboration of scientists to focus on improving patient outcomes in heart disease and stroke cases
In addition to creating the 4AlecFoundation to raise awareness for undetected heart disease, Stephanie Kornet also won a national contest by sharing her son’s story
Robert Coonfield’s son was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a complex birth defect that affects normal blood flow through the heart