Inside EMS Special Podcast: How to prepare for and respond to violence at protests

Chris Cebollero and Greg Friese discuss the tragic deaths of five Dallas police officers and the immediate steps EMS leaders need to take to prepare their crews for violence at mass gatherings

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In this special episode of the Inside EMS podcast host Chris Cebollero and EMS1 Editor-in-Chief Greg Friese discuss the shooting deaths of five Dallas police officers during a protest Thursday night. Cebollero describes the lessons, success and mistakes he made as the Christian Hospital EMS chief during the violence and riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Cebollero makes important points about force protection, staging of ambulances and personnel, awareness of ingress and egress routes, stress management, utilizing unified command, and regularly briefing personnel. 

Listen to the show and share your comments and resources for EMS operations at mass gatherings that turn violent in the comments. 

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