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EMS Body Armor

The EMS body armor topic features articles, news, resources, education, training and tips for EMS providers to purchase, fit, and use EMS body armor to minimize the risk of injury during a violent attack.

The DT4EMS owner talks dangerous encounters, personal defense and when to abandon the scene
A New York man collapsed on a sidewalk after police ordered him to exit an ambulance where he is alleged to have assaulted an EMS provider
In this episode, our co-hosts discuss a number of recent attacks on providers in the field and the options available to protect industry personnel
Marathon Petroleum presented a $15K check to Boyd County EMS for helmets, vests and masks
Mayor Eric Adams signed legislation requiring protection and training for FDNY EMS personnel
David Ladd donated the RTS Tactical mini shields in hopes that all patrol officers will soon be equipped with them
Bills highlight the violent line-of-duty death of FDNY EMS Capt. Alison Russo-Elling
While Springfield Fire Rescue Division hasn’t experienced gun violence against its personnel, ballistic vests have been issued for violent calls
Recent violent events have pushed Wake County officials to buy additional protection for first responders
Cumberland Goodwill EMS has begun outfitting paramedics and EMTs with fitted ballistic vests
Councilman Joseph Borelli plans to add language to the bill that would require the FD to replace aging vests as the protective material deteriorates
3,213 EMS providers speak up about job satisfaction, effective leadership, safety and innovation in the EMS Trend Survey
Charges are pending against the suspect, who reportedly shot the 25-year-old EMT in the ambulance
“We try to be prepared for everything, and this is just another piece of that,” Battalion Chief Ryan Miller said
At least three of the injured people are students, and three of the four injured were taken to hospitals
The decision was spurred by a “changing landscape” and more calls that increase the possibility of Portland FFs being involved with aggressive patients and bystanders
The cameras include a live-streaming capability that allows a doctor to log on to a server to view real-time footage and help render care
The vests are now part of the Adams County Ambulance Service uniform policy for specific types of calls
Readers respond, does on-duty concealed carry protect providers or threaten scene safety?
Violent incidents in NYC and Arkansas are grim reminders that medics are regularly threatened, attacked and harmed by the people they have been called to assist
The top tenets of violent threat attack training and practice for EMS responders
As mass violence incidents grow in scale and frequency, less than half of EMS feels adequately prepared to respond
The first 10 minutes of an MCI considerably impact emergency operations and survival.
The Wyoming Area Kiwanis Club held an “Invest in a Vest” fundraiser to supply Greater Pittston Regional Ambulance members with body armor
Body armor has become an important piece of protective gear for everyday wear in many agencies, and most medics are more likely to encounter knives than bullets
Denver Health said its EMS providers are wearing ballistic vests and helmets as a precaution
Videos show paramedic performing CPR on a man lying on the sidewalk, fires shrouding Lake Street neighborhood in smoke
Implementing body-worn cameras and body armor to support EMS safety strategy
The Wilmington Fire Department plans to buy 60 vests for firefighter-EMTs responding to shooting or stabbing incidents