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Denver ambulances attacked during riots

Denver Health said its EMS providers are wearing ballistic vests and helmets as a precaution


By Laura French

DENVER — Several Denver ambulances were attacked and damaged during riots over the last few days.

Denver Health’s paramedic division reported numerous attacks on EMS vehicles as EMTs and paramedics worked to treat injured protesters and others during demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Denver Health EMS providers are specially trained for “rapid care and extrication” in dangerous or violent situations, officials said, and are unarmed but wear ballistic vests and helmets for protection.

“Denver Health Paramedics are committed to providing care for everyone in our community and we are just as committed during these unsettling times,” a tweet from the agency read. “We are committed to the safety of our patients and crews, and in coordination with the joint command post, Denver Health Paramedics and Denver Police officers co-respond to these emergencies.”

EMS providers in the city responded to 45 emergency calls on Saturday and transported 31 people, according to 9News.