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$49K grant helps Pa. EMS purchase ballistic vests

Cumberland Goodwill EMS has begun outfitting paramedics and EMTs with fitted ballistic vests



By Bill Carey

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — EMS personnel in Cumberland County have added to their safety thanks to the purchase of ballistic vests funded by a grant.

Nearly 50 vests have been delivered to Cumberland Goodwill EMS, paid for by a $49,000 grant, Fox 43 reported.

“It’s unfortunate that you have to account for that now in society but we’re doing it,” Cumberland Goodwill EMS Assistant Chief of Administration Nathan Harig said.

The body armor is stocked in each ambulance and while the decision to wear one is left to each EMT or paramedic, company policy does state what specific incidents vest should be worn.

Haig said the vests are sized to each member and new crew members will annually go through a fitting so they can be issued one that properly fits.

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