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The EMS education topic includes articles with information about becoming involved in emergency medicine, how to get the most out of training, and career progression inside the industry.

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Kenley Johnson, who earned her EMT certification while still in high school and now works for Comanche County EMS, is in her first semester of the Paramedic program at Texas State Technical College
The Welsh Ambulance Service is the second service in the U.K. to secure the University Trust status, highlighting learning and growth opportunities
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The virtual reality visors help students in McAllen with simulation lessons involving patient assessment and care
Grady EMS paramedics will be the first in Atlanta to do blood transfusions in the field
Boulder Technical Education Center’s future EMTs and mechanics will get to work on the former Mountain View rig
First responders in Mahaska County faced various simulations inside the Simulation in Motion-Iowa mobile lab
Los Alamitos High School will use the simulator in its training to prepare students for EMT certification
Why sticking around may be the single best thing you can do to get better at your job
Funding from the Fireworks Tax Act will be used to reimburse EMS personnel, agencies for recruitment, retention programs
Gaining insights into the EMS workforce, attrition, education, credentialing and quality patient care