EMS providers lost to COVID-19

Remembering our brother and sister EMTs and paramedics who died from COVID-19

First responders on the front lines, EMS providers in particular, are increasingly vulnerable to contracting the COVID-19, and the death toll includes a significant number of EMS  personnel.

Here, we have compiled the names of those lost to COVID-19. The entire EMS1 family extends our deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of our fallen members.

Justin Berleth, 29, firefighter-EMT, Nature Coast EMS (Florida), City of Inverness (Fla.) Fire Department and MedFleet Ambulance Service. End of Service: 08/09/21 

Tyrone Bell, paramedic, Verde Valley (Ariz.) Fire Department. End of service: 10/18/2021

William J. "Bill" Sekora, paramedic, Jeannette (Pa.) EMS. End of service: 10/08/2021

Michael Pickering, firefighter-EMT, Chicago Fire Department. End of service: 10/08/2021

Mark Gillam, firefighter-EMT, Elwood (Ind.) Fire Department. End of service: 10/03/2021

Kelly Frye, firefighter-EMT, Cumberland (Md.) Fire Department. End of service: 09/29/2021

Stan Wilson, EMT, Bartlesville (Okla.) Ambulance Service. End of service: 09/27/2021

Carter Conley, rescue squad captain and volunteer firefighter, Magoffin County (Ky.) Rescue Squad and Middle Creek Volunteer Fire Department. End of service: 09/12/2021

John Thomas Ring, paramedic, Wilkes County (N.C.) EMS. End of service: 09/06/2021

Miguel Angulo, firefighter-paramedic, Phoenix Fire Department. End of service: 09/06/2021

John Clay Gaddy, fire marshal-paramedic, Forest Park (Ga.) Fire Department. End of service: 09/02/2021

Mark Hilley, battalion chief-paramedic, Harrison County (Miss.) Fire Rescue. End of service: 08/30/2021

Richard McKinnney, paramedic, Lancaster County (S.C.) EMS. End of service: 08/24/2021

Donna Cagle, EMT, Bladenboro (N.C.) EMS. End of service: 08/21/2021

William Stalls, firefighter-EMT, Oak City (N.C.) Fire Department. End of service: 08/15/2021

Scott Allender, driver engineer-paramedic, Melbourne (Fla.) Fire Department. End of service: 08/03/2021

Sue Gregory, paramedic, Mery (Mo.) EMS. End of service: 08/03/2021

Tim Watson, firefighter-EMT, Barrow County (Ga.) EMS. End of service: 06/13/2021

Roger Dean, 31, firefighter-paramedic, Seguin (Texas) Fire Department. End of Service: 04/23/2021

Daryl Tombs, 52, paramedic, American Medical Response, Corning, New York. End of Service: 01/16/2021 

Leonard Coney, 41, firefighter-EMT, Shreveport (Louisiana) Fire Department. End of service: 01/06/2021 

Cole Brooks, paramedic, Nowata (Oklahoma) Fire & EMS. End of service: 01/04/2021 

Jason Taylor, 51, paramedic, Edwardsville (Kansas) Fire Department. End of service: 01/01/2021  

Stephen Sunday, 28, firefighter-EMT, Scranton (Pennsylvania) Fire Department. End of service: 12/29/2020  

Debbie Rusher, 56, paramedic, Tulsa EMS Authority (EMSA), Oklahoma. End of service: 12/28/2020  

Evelyn Ford, 58, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 12/22/2020

Don Kutz, deputy chief, EMT, Montville (Connecticut) Fire Co. End of service: 12/22/2020  

Robert Truevillian, 55, paramedic in charge, Chicago Fire Department. End of service: 12/17/2020  

Bob "Husker Bob" Kneifl, 64, firefighter-EMT, Ponca (Nebraska) Volunteer Fire and Rescue squad. End of service: 12/07/2020 

Gordon Baker, 62, paramedic, Harris County (Texas) Emergency Services District No. 48. End of service: 12/07/2020 

Doug Dzubinski, 53, EMT, Community LifeTeam (UMPC Pinnacle), York County, Pennsylvania. End of service: 12/04/2020  

Christine Kutz, emergency medical services lieutenant, Montville Fire Department. End of service: 12/1/2020  

Kelly Lynn Raether, 42, EMS captain and nurse, Ixonia Fire & EMS, Ixonia, Wisconsin. End of service: 11/26/2020  

Jerry S. Mercadante, 67, EMT and field training officer, LifeStar Response of Maryland (Falck), Annapolis Junction, Maryland. End of service: 11/25/2020 

Scott Davidson, 45, paramedic and communications specialist, Kansas City (Missouri) Fire Department. End of service: 11/22/2020 

Scott Gordon, 56, paramedic, Columbus Regional Health, Columbus, Indiana. End of service: 11/15/2020  

Gregory “Greg” Gelsinger, 63, critical care medic, Tower Health, Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. End of service:11/14/2020 

Shon Matthews, 48, paramedic, LifeNet, Texarkana, Texas. End of service: 11/02/2020  

Harold Boone, 49, firefighter-EMR, Monroe County (Georgia) Emergency Services. End of service: 11/02/2020  

Gerald "Jerry" Jones, 51, paramedic, Volusia County (Florida) EMS. End of service: 9/20/2020 

Keith Brown, 48, EMT, MedTrust, Charleston, South Carolina. End of service: 9/03/2021  

Rick Todd, fire chief, Salem (West Virginia) Fire and EMS Department. End of service: 09/01/2020 

Jeffrey "Jeff" Schaffer, 67, paramedic, Taneytown (Md.) Volunteer Fire Company. End of service: 08/10/2020

Gerardo "Jerry" Pacheco, firefighter-paramedic, Houston, Texas. End of Service: 08/03/2020  

Aldo Iniguez, EMT, Falck’s Care Ambulance Service, Los Angeles. End of service: 07/30/2020 

Alex Cardenas, 59, paramedic, Superior and Apollo Ambulance Services, San Antonio. End of service: 7/26/2020 

Jose M. Perez, 44, firefighter-paramedic, Los Angeles Fire Department. End of service: 07/25/2020 

William "Brad" Blackman, 56, paramedic, American Medical Response, Philadelphia. End of service: 06/28/2020 

Glovis Foster, paramedic, San Juan (New Mexico) AirCare. End of service: 06/12/2020 

John Paul "JP" Granger, 22, EMT, Vital Care EMS, Piedmont, South Carolina. End of service: 5/26/2020 

Jeremy Emerich, 40, Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania) Health Network MedEvac EMT and Fleetwood firefighter. End of service: 05/21/2020 

David Pinto, 70, EMT, New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, former fire chief, Wallington, New Jersey. End of service: 05/17/2020 

Jose Gomez, EMT, Alamo Navajo Reservation, New Mexico. End of service: 05/10/2020 

Brian Keith Saddler, 60, certified flight paramedic, registered nurse, St. Joseph's Hospital, Wayne, New Jersey. End of service: 05/08/2020 

Sal Mancuso, 66, volunteer, Blooming Grove (New York) Volunteer Ambulance Corps. End of service: 04/30/2020  

Paul Cary, 66, firefighter-paramedic, Aurora (Colorado) Fire Department, deployed with Ambulnz’s State of New York COVID Response team. End of service: 4/30/2020 

Richard Seaberry, 63, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 04/27/2020 

David Martin, paramedic, American Medical Response, Natchez, Mississippi. End of service: 04/22/2020 

Idris Bey, 60, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 04/22/2020 

John Redd, 63, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 04/21/2020 

John Careccia, 74, chief, Woodbridge (New Jersey) Township Ambulance and Rescue Squad. End of service: 04/17/2020 

Robert Zerman, 49, assistant fire chief, EMT, Pioneer Hose Company #1, Robesonia, Pennsylvania. End of service: 04/16/2020 

Robert Weber, 44, firefighter-EMT, Middletown First Aid and Rescue Squad; the Port Monmouth Fire Company; and the Middletown Fire Department’s Air Unit, Monmouth County, New Jersey. End of service: 04/15/2020 

John Ferrarella, clinical educator and EMT instructor, NJ Mobile HealthCare, Bergen County, New Jersey. End of service: 04/14/2020 

Scott Geiger, EMT, Atlantic Ambulance, Livingston, New Jersey. End of service: 04/13/2020 

Billy Birmingham, 69, EMT, Kansas City (Missouri) Fire Department. End of service: 04/13/2020 

Anthony Thomas, paramedic, NYU Langone Hospital, former FDNY EMS member. End of service: 04/12/2020 

Gregory Hodge, 59, EMT, FDNY. End of service: 04/12/2020  

Kevin Bundy, 33, paramedic, Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, Crozer EMS, Springfield, PA. End of service: 04/12/2020 

William "Bill" J. Nauta, Jr., Atlantic Health EMS educator, former Chatham (New Jersey) police captain. End of service: 04/10/2020 

Solomon Donald, 41, EMT, Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Elizabeth, New Jersey. End of service: 04/10/2020 

Robert Tarrant, RN, EMS educator, RWJBarnabas Health, West Orange, New Jersey. End of service: 04/09/2020 

Paul Novicki, 51, paramedic, Rapid Response EMS, Romulus, Michigan. End of service: 04/09/2020  

Frank Molinari, 70, MD, New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority (NJSEA) EMS, Lyndhurst, New Jersey. End of service: 04/09/2020

Mike Field, 59, firefighter-EMT, Valley Stream, New York. End of Service: 04/08/2020  

Kevin Leiva, 24, EMT, North Bergen (New Jersey) and supervisors Saint Clare's Hospital. End of service: 04/07/2020 

Liana Sá, EMT, Watchung Rescue Squad, Newark, New Jersey. End of service: 04/05/2020 

Reuven Maroth, EMT, past captain, Hackensack (New Jersey) Volunteer Ambulance Corps. End of service: 04/01/2020 

Israel Tolentino, 33, firefighter-EMT, Passaic (New Jersey) Fire. End of service: 03/31/2020 

James Villecco, 55, auto mechanic, FDNY. End of service: 03/29/2020 

Note: It is our intent to maintain an accurate and up-to-date directory. If we have not included an EMS professional, first please accept our apology and condolences. Second, please send us their name and a link to a news report, department press release or obituary so we can include them and link to additional information. Thank you.

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