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NJ volunteer EMS chief dies from COVID-19

Woodbridge Township Ambulance and Rescue Squad Chief John Careccia, 74, died Friday after serving for 27 years


By Laura French

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. — The chief of a New Jersey volunteer EMS squad has died due to COVID-19.

Woodbridge Township Ambulance and Rescue Squad Chief John P. Careccia, 74, died on Friday after serving with the squad for 27 years, according to

Woodbridge Mayor John McCormac said during a daily briefing on Saturday that Careccia may “have caught the virus while on duty” and said his death is a reminder of the dangers faced by first responders during the pandemic.

“Our police, fire, first aid and EMTs along with doctors and nurses and anyone else working at a facility treating patients with COVID-19 cannot be thanked enough for all that they do,” McCormac said. “You can be sure that when this is all over we will provide a venue for our entire Woodbridge community to show our appreciation to those who risked their own lives to keep the rest of us safe.”

According to his LinkedIn page, Careccia had worked as an American Heart Association instructor since 1993 and was the owner of a small business that helped people find affordable health and mobility solutions. He also volunteered as a teacher of religious education at a local Catholic school.

“As a volunteer agency, I want to make sure when someone calls 911 in our district, that our ambulances are ready to roll out the door when the tones go off.”
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