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Calif. Falck EMT dies from COVID-19

Care Ambulance EMT Aldo Iniguez died Thursday after a month-long battle with the disease


By Laura French

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif. — A California Falck EMT has died due to COVID-19.

Care Ambulance Service, a Falck agency that serves Los Angeles and Orange Counties, announced on social media that veteran EMT Aldo Iniguez died Thursday morning after a month-long battle with the disease.

“Aldo loved his job, his partners, and his patients, and will be deeply missed by many,” Care Ambulance wrote in an Instagram post.

The International Association of EMTs and Paramedics (IAEP) also extended its condolences to Iniguez’s family, stating that his death marks the union’s first death by COVID-19.

“Aldo will be dearly missed by his loving family, coworkers of Local R12-370 and the Altadena community,” the association wrote on Facebook. “Rest in peace and thank you for your service.”[0]=AZU7Gqq4vN9wMLOPp3oRTRxR08NRdV95x-BULRPXsYOr_twuhJJ-QFZq47M_Z6FbREeSpzTpFDoucWDzIFHTHxXRm9YkPHqwhia_lRcw8-DI1Yi0RZIEgEEuVCWpk-zFBDqcrZnt17FCMtaDUHRF0flrg6dLp2uDkPMisypEJ5Td2A&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R