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Veteran Ind. paramedic dies due to COVID-19

Columbus Regional Health Paramedic Scott Gordon, 56, a 35-year EMS veteran, died eight days after being hospitalized due to the virus

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Photo/Columbus Regional Health

By Laura French

COLUMBUS, Ind. — A veteran Indiana paramedic has died due to COVID-19 complications.

Columbus Regional Health Paramedic Scott Gordon, 56, died on Sunday, eight days after being hospitalized with the virus, according to his memorial page on Supporting Heroes. Gordon became ill less than 48 hours after his partner and was admitted to the hospital three days later.

Gordon served in EMS for 35 years and was a member of the Columbus Regional Health team for nearly 20 years, according to a statement from the health system.

“Columbus Regional Health appreciates the years of dedicated service Mr. Gordon provided to our organization, his co-workers and the communities we serve,” the statement read. “He will be greatly missed, and it is with heavy hearts that Columbus Regional extends our deepest condolences to Mr. Gordon’s loved ones.”[0]=AZUBGDGe3rYlXwZoBS7Ph9UgcIoirQp5ehTy9qc1XY3lXfgMRonkXTjLcPAa-4GLPMo0dEcnGknKLIVhOWtaRi5PbVu3VlQMvUdhVf2wipUsY_xAiyV88A2g6EYVZFGxZs-VHMCwlm09fNnZX3IjOwNs&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Other local first responder agencies shared their condolences on social media.

“Our thoughts are with the Columbus Regional Health EMS family. Scott was an educator to many of our firefighters over the years. He will be missed,” read a statement from the Columbus Fire Department.

“We are sad to hear about the loss of CRH Paramedic Scott Gordon and offer our prayers and support to his family as well as his fellow paramedics who have been on the front lines of this pandemic since day one,” wrote the Columbus Police Department on Facebook.

“As COVID-19 numbers increase across the state, let us all be reminded that first responders are still out here fighting this pandemic on the front lines every day for you,” Putnam County EMS wrote in its tribute post to Gordon. “Please do your part in this fight by staying home and staying socially distant from others, avoid large gatherings, wash your hands frequently, and mask up when in public.”[0]=AZWaf2Tc1_nmOAlv1CL-OSZN0oTtIdPPN6sclMceEsLH9AKLBftoxDNya90OeXp5nsoWw7Rf4UIH-4g8NnToHn3L7gcBVFvg0lzLB2fiygmaezYn4jh36-7-2LXJz5UGnTb0vqtD3NgbOqwnFjT0a39g&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZUVZCkP-EdOG-2ZCqSAWF5LmHSTu6B4KnGj3Xs4tit9tVvhEfOYNSU2yBuS9UllQpDrniFJH246JoXP_NTF_c3LmP_OAi4XF784VosuvX3iw8c4BXAzDtY3BYnfYKltQyzhfNt7U6KXZZ-rNZX0WqOktS7aHqSvmnGyXZaegWWJhQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZWutr3uJ1pjgRpPgrWXGi0LdZEJPaYEctneODJfIjuaJ0aX7IN45YiHgkkbU1Ga5jqAUxkipZiSwcE0wLJ9IgxTQ6dU0IiIzaRUakIy13ywrIHYG-xG8TG9svyypbFj1iamo7pEJM1lU3Lp42U4DgRV&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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