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Mich. paramedic, former fire lieutenant dies from COVID-19

Rapid Response EMS Paramedic Paul Novicki, 51, died Thursday; his partner has recovered from the disease

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Photo/Huron Township Department of Public Safety Facebook

By Laura French

HURON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A Michigan paramedic and former fire lieutenant has died from COVID-19.

Rapid Response EMS Paramedic Paul Novicki, 51, died Thursday after two weeks in the hospital, according to FOX 2 Detroit. His partner, EMT Rob Nemeth, was also hospitalized with the disease and has recovered.

Novicki had previously worked for 26 years at the Huron Township Fire Department, where he served as a lieutenant before retiring from the department last year.

EMS providers and other first responders held a parade outside of Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital on Thursday night in honor of Novicki.[0]=68.ARC-pIGZoQxkcNnWmQXmcIA2Q6-jl5Ev2xTZS6VILoPOo62rKoyjKog8FciiFIzY59OxQVR_TKzRp4AipNJOby16nRWgHrjA3tKHNYOzrQWDfaT_y9S9diZzp9m0Dg2vGnaQmv-n4JANbXSXBrhiZ-_fyuqXYJExiA5aZo-k_EWVGZiiWD_hCpiUdvyHmGOj-4tSeY2xT1azDY0IYCkvm0KZGCnaSckO9VKT3ech9fxoW2CC-5bV6tCF-hxngpYRk3qGWzfZnLUFmnbUsJ3h5urb_uhbaeV6IZOdrcJOLdziHLi3GxoCX0lbXeFKaMiDlthR5pyPy1g6wfcGzjX9P1Wf9Q&__tn__=H-R

A final radio call for Novicki was performed Saturday night and shared on Facebook Live with the support of his family.

“It is with deep sadness and sorrow that after 32 years of heroism, bravery and service, Paul has complete his last and final call. Paul served his brothers and sisters in the fire and EMS services for 32 years,” the dispatcher said during the final call. “Paul, your next duty is watching over your coworkers, friends and family from the company and host of angels in heaven. Until we meet again, your life was well-lived. Thank you Paul, rest easy, we have the watch from here.”

Novicki’s son, Zack Novicki, told FOX 2 Detroit that his father was passionate about his career in public safety and enjoyed helping people, and that he was a family man who always made time to be with his children and step-children.

Zack Novicki urged people to stay home for the safety of first responders.