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Chest Compressions

Band employee jumps in a swamp to assist with cardiac arrest
Examining recommendations for EMS treatment of adult and pediatric cardiac arrest related to epinephrine, compression depth and rate, and double sequential defibrillation
Targeting the most common chief complaints and deadly diagnoses to consider in prehospital medicine
Bruce Seidel refers to the Mason City crew as the “The Fearsome Foursome”
Cumberland Fire and EMS will be purchasing video laryngoscopes and other EMS equipment
When Russ Winters was found unresponsive, his wife began doing chest compressions, then his daughter took over until paramedics arrived
Deprioritizing epinephrine in the order of interventions
Authorities were searching in vain for Jada Strong before her live stream alerted Facebook to her medical emergency
Dr. Gregory Stefano credited the Hiram EMS crew for playing a large role in saving the life of Frank Briggs
EMS agencies across the nation submitted educational music videos that featured a song that can help bystanders maintain the ideal rate for chest compressions
LSU Boyd James Oxley suffered no heart or brain damage due to the cardiac arrest, which doctors attributed to the quick response
A Delta passenger took to social media to ask the airline to start carrying the overdose drug to prevent this situation from happening again