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Cardiac arrest

POCUS, ECG and assessment findings to look for to avoid the RV spiral of death
The emergency physicians who resuscitated Damar Hamlin share their insights into SCA and CPR training
Video: Watch all of the elements of the chain of survival come together
Lincoln Fire & Rescue hosted a Resuscitation Academy workshop for cardiac arrest training
Rialto firefighters stated they were following COVID-19 guidelines when they refused to enter as a patient was in cardiac arrest
Spokane high school teammates Brody Graham and Grant Lichfield sprung into action when their coach suffered a cardiac arrest
Alisa Grubbs had just warmed up and started stretching when she suddenly collapsed
The lawsuit claims the Nuvance ambulance EMTs were not trained nor capable of providing proper care, treatment and monitoring
Brad Holyoak visited the Spokane Valley firehouse to thank his rescuers
Katie Young was able to thank Northampton Regional EMS and Catasauqua Fire Department personnel for their quick response
Willie Hatchett collasped next to where Atlanta Police Officer Melina Lim was stationed
San Diego County officials set a big goal in improving their cardiac arrest survival rate
The Rialto firefighters maintained they were strictly adhering to COVID protocols in the 2021 incident
San Diego Fire-Rescue Dispatcher Juliana Rubio has been on the job for 36 years and the reunion with the Haskins was only the second time a patient sought her out
Jeffrey Weber put his hands on Chris Wessels’ chest and remembered actor Steve Carell singing the Bee Gee’s song
Matt DeCesare went to help Tom Pepe with the only training being the rhythm of the song “Stayin’ Alive”
Bruce Seidel refers to the Mason City crew as the “The Fearsome Foursome”
Seven departments were involved in locating, treating and transporting the 72-year-old hunter in cardiac arrest
A team effort was saluted in the successful treatment of a Upper Gwynedd resident
“Because of these first responders’ quick team efforts, the patient was revived — and after hospitalization, fully recovered,” Police Chief David said
Kern County Medic Squad 63 had ROSC with a cardiac arrest patient prior to transport
What the research says about calcium in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Montgomery County Hospital District shares their findings trialing carotid ultrasound during CPR to enhance cardiac arrest response
The Cincinnati Heroes Scholarships are named after those who assisted Hamlin when he suffered sudden cardiac arrest on the field
Warren County Fire Chief Timothy Johnson was treated by his colleagues from that earlier call
The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and Duke University have partnered for a four-year program on drone response to cardiac arrest patients
President José G, Cabañas MD, MPH, FAEMS, said the non-clinical forum sets a dangerous precedent related to patient care
Medics waited 13 minutes for law enforcement due to an address “blacklist” while William Yurek was having a heart attack