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Basic Life Support (BLS)

The Basic Life Support (BLS) topic contains the latest news, information, education and training tips for EMTs and paramedics related to EMT training and education, EMT careers, and Basic Life Support patient assessment and care, as well as the products, techniques and challenges of providing BLS in the prehospital setting. If you are considering EMT training start with these two articles, this is what you need to know to become and EMT and 5 reasons NOT to become an EMT. Or go to the EMS1 jobs page for a nationwide list of EMT jobs and paramedic careers.

“Instead of responding to the majority of 999 calls we receive every day, we want to flip that so we only go to those patients who really, really need a double staffed paramedic emergency ambulance quickly.”
Agencies and government officials must evaluate performance expectations and funding to determine appropriate EMS delivery models
“Whatever you don’t bring is what you’re going to need,” one commenter wrote
Clark County will begin to use Advanced EMT staffing after years of ALS staffing for every call
Altura Ambulance Director Jessica Romine told local leaders the service could lose its license due to staffing problems
The FAIR Health report also found that ALS services were required more often between 2018-2022 than BLS services
AMR and Metro West debate over ALS vs. BLS model to deal with shortages and improve times
The nonprofit offered free certifications at FDIC
Charlotte-based Mecklenburg EMS’ high-acuity calls now have a time limit, and low-acuity calls are expected to take longer and will not include rig lights or sirens
The increase would offset the costs of inflation and salary increases for EMS providers, officials said
Boston EMS transported a patient with hand injuries by BLS ambulance from Northeastern University
Martin County is providing BLS and relying on mutual aid while seeking a sponsoring hospital and getting ambulances inspected
The search for Decatur’s new agency has been narrowed down to RuralMed EMS, Lakeside EMS, Echo Response EMS and Abbott/AMR EMS
Be prepared for the unique challenges of law enforcement officers wounded on the job
Olympia Assistant Fire Chief Mike Buchanan explained that decreasing availability of private providers for BLS calls results in increased on-scene times