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The first 10 minutes of an MCI considerably impact emergency operations and survival.
Implementing body-worn cameras and body armor to support EMS safety strategy
The Cleveland EMS provider was in uniform at the time of the attack in 2021
Both firefighters were on duty, and the injured person was transported to a hospital
“We are so sad,” said FDNY Chief of Department John Hodgens. “The members of her station looked up to [Alison Russo]. She kept them in line.”
The nonprofit New Orleans EMS Foundation funded the new class on recognizing and responding to hazards and teaching these skills to coworkers
Lt. Alison Russo-Elling joined the department as an EMT in 1998 and was promoted to paramedic in 2002 before becoming a lieutenant in 2016
An EMT and two officers were injured, and the suspect faces multiple charges after a fight with cops trying to arrest him
The author whose work led to death threats in the 1980s was stabbed in the neck and torso; police arrested a suspect
Polk County Fire Rescue members had restrained the 67-year-old disabled patient on a gurney when Matthew Mullins struck him, police say
Charges are pending against the suspect, who reportedly shot the 25-year-old EMT in the ambulance
Before calling EMS, Greer police found the man under a house
Two people were killed in the onslaught; sources say the ambulance may have been donated by the London Ambulance Service
While being treated in the ambulance, Rodney Moore began to fight with personnel as he tried to exit the rig