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Armed Paramedics

In this episode, our co-hosts discuss a number of recent attacks on providers in the field and the options available to protect industry personnel
Readers respond, does on-duty concealed carry protect providers or threaten scene safety?
Would arming EMTs and paramedics actually protect them?
Kellie Boggs is charged with using an axe to attack a man and break into a Carter County EMS station
The bill sparked a lively debate in the North Carolina House Judiciary Committee Wednesday
Officials say after a gunman shot two paramedics in the ambulance after an argument, one of the paramedics returned fire, killing the gunman
Green, Ohio, tactical paramedics are now permitted to carry handguns when called out to assist the sheriff’s SWAT following a change in state law
The fire department is seeking permission from city council to arm paramedics who assist the SWAT team
The new protective gear, funded by a $34,000 state EMS grant, is specifically designed for members to respond to an active attacker situation
A new Florida law will give paramedics responding to situations deemed as high-risk the ability to carry more than medical supplies
A podcast listener suggests arming EMS personnel with TASERs and pepper spray instead of carrying guns
Officials believe carrying a weapon would allow EMS providers to protect themselves on the job
Rare training footage shows the armed medics ready to deploy at a moment’s notice
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