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EMS and fire departments should pay attention to new driver-behavior data and its likely impact on increasing roadside dangers for personnel
The LAS will also provide three treatment centers with over 140 staff on-duty
CareFlite EMT remembered for his service to others as caregiver, educator, and friend
The ambus has all of the equipment found inside a traditional ambulance and can treat up to 20 patients at a time, making it a valuable asset for any type of mass response
The ceremony reunites FDNY first responders with the people they have saved in the past year
The 9-1-1 coordinator said the system is has a back-up plan when such an outage occurs
The iconic spire of the Notre Dame cathedral collapsed as a fire raged on the roof of the cathedral
An underwater search device has located the black box and part of the wreckage of a medevac plane that crashed in January in Southeast Alaska
An ambulance was stolen in Oklahoma City after paramedics left keys in the ignition while transporting a patient from the ambulance to the emergency room
Officials said a Medics at Home ambulance was transporting a patient when the EMS provider noticed smoke and got the patient out before it burst into flames
Powerful shift schedule and timekeeping software
The EMT said Katerina Lundberg pulled out a folding knife when the ambulance arrived at the hospital and slashed him on his cheek
San Antonio is the first large metropolitan area in the U.S. to use whole blood to perform blood transfusions on trauma patients