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“Instead of responding to the majority of 999 calls we receive every day, we want to flip that so we only go to those patients who really, really need a double staffed paramedic emergency ambulance quickly.”
Agencies and government officials must evaluate performance expectations and funding to determine appropriate EMS delivery models
Three outdated paradigms holding EMS back
Clark County will begin to use Advanced EMT staffing after years of ALS staffing for every call
Jasper County’s EMS program uses reserve deputy paramedics to respond to gaps in existing services, coverage
ALS care and a rope-rescue system helped save a cyclist having a severe allergic reaction in Manchester-by-the-Sea
The FAIR Health report also found that ALS services were required more often between 2018-2022 than BLS services
Manchester-by-the-Sea firefighters had one of their fire engines certified as carrying ALS care
Hanceville firefighters responded to a cardiac arrest call in January after receiving ALS training, certification
AMR and Metro West debate over ALS vs. BLS model to deal with shortages and improve times
The department is investigating the incident; the responders said in a report that they were hungry and fatigued
McAllen’s contract with San Antonio-based Lone Star Ambulance takes effect on Feb. 23 after it could not reach a deal with Med-Care
The change is in response to the staffing crisis due to the pandemic and will “ensure a faster response when people need help” one sponsor of the bill said
The vehicles are equipped with vital items, including medications, blood products, IV pumps, intubation equipment and ventilators
The search for Decatur’s new agency has been narrowed down to RuralMed EMS, Lakeside EMS, Echo Response EMS and Abbott/AMR EMS