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NJ firefighters to get ballistic vests for medical calls

- 01/03/2016

TRENTON, N.J. — Trenton firefighters will begin wearing ballistic vests to protect themselves on the job when they double as paramedics responding to medical emergencies. reported ...

Tactical medics made life-or-death difference to San Bernardino shooting victims

- 01/01/2016

By Beatriz Valenzuela San Bernardino County Sun SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — When Ryan Starling and the rest of the members of the San Bernardino Police SWAT team heard the crackling chatter ...

EMT assaulted after patient's son called 911

- 12/30/2015

SLATINGTON, Pa. — An EMT was pushed into a wall, causing a knee and wrist injury, by a woman who was reported to have taken too much of her medication. On Christmas day a boy called ...

Attempted murder charge for woman accused of firing gun inside ambulance

- 12/29/2015

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A woman accused of firing a gun inside an ambulance before driving away in the rescue vehicle faces charges of attempted murder and theft. reports that Birmingham ...

Patient shoots at paramedics, steals ambulance

- 12/27/2015

By Jordan Smith WBRC BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A woman fired shots inside an ambulance at the Birmingham Airport before stealing it and leading police on a chase Saturday morning, according ...

Detroit EMT fights to get back to work 2 months after stabbing attack

- 12/23/2015

DETROIT — Two months after being viciously stabbed in his face and hands, Detroit EMT Alfredo Rojas is fighting to get back to work. In October, Rojas was attacked while assisting a ...

Paris massacre rapid response: EMS leaders must prepare for Hybrid Targeted Violence in the U.S.

- 11/14/2015

What happened: More than 100 people have been killed at multiple, coordinated terror attacks in Paris. The death toll may rise as police and EMS continue to respond to and treat the victims. ...

New study looks at violence against EMS, firefighters

- 11/13/2015

EMMITSBURG, Md. — The U.S. Fire Administration is partnering on a project with the International Association of Fire Fighters and Drexel University in Philadelphia to research the occurrences ...

Attacked on the job: Detroit EMTs talk about being stabbed and getting back to work

- 11/13/2015

EMTs Kelly Adams and Al Rojas talk about the attack, their injuries and getting back to work with their co-workers at a fundraiser

Attacked on the job: Detroit EMTs talk about being stabbed and getting back to work

- 11/13/2015

Associated Press ROCHESTER, Mich. — A Detroit emergency medical technician who was attacked last month with a box cutter while responding to a call for medical help says she wants to ...

Attacks on medics this week: Patients punch, spit on and threaten to rape EMS providers

- 11/06/2015

From Texas to the U.K., patients became violent toward the people who were trying to assist them. Vehicle-crash patient punches medic in face An allegedly intoxicated man assaulted an AMR ...

Ambulance window shattered while medics attend to patient

- 11/01/2015

The Journal DUBLIN — It was by far the busiest night of the year for emergency services in Dublin last night as they received hundreds of calls and tackled almost 200 fires. During ...

Trending: Should medics wear ballistic vests?

- 10/26/2015

There have been a lot of articles recently about paramedics and firefighters asking for ballistic vests in light of attacks on first responder. The latest push for vests resurfaces some of ...

Body armor for firefighters and medics part of changing safety mindset

- 10/26/2015

Associated Press KENTWOOD, Mich. — Fire officials in western Michigan's Kentwood want to add flak vests — a type of body armor — to equipment worn by firefighters due ...

Detroit medics stabbed, in serious condition

- 10/20/2015

DETROIT —Two Detroit paramedics were seriously injured Tuesday morning when a male assailant, described as "agitated," repeatedly slashed and stabbed their faces and hands with ...

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