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The man refused treatment after EMS was called to his apartment for injuries he received in a prior motorcycle crash
All patients are reported to be in stable condition after a gunman shot through a wall of a Lumberton restaurant
Harrison Barjolo crashed an Ashburnham ambulance at Heywood Hospital during a police pursuit
Kellie Boggs is charged with using an axe to attack a man and break into a Carter County EMS station
A large crowd began throwing objects and damaging a fire engine as crews tried to reach crash victims
Part 1 — The San Diego Fire-Rescue captain shares the emotional story of how a seemingly “routine call” quickly escalated to a near-fatal stabbing
People fled in panic as a shooting happened inside the fairground
Four firefighters and five EMS personnel have been killed in the conflict
One of the patients was transported to a hospital in critical condition
A woman stabbed a taxi driver before stabbing two other people inside Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
The report on the shooting in Virginia Beach that killed 12 people covered more training for first responders and teaching civilians how to slow victim bleeding
State police believe the shooting inside the Indiana building was isolated to attendees inside and not a larger, community threat