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One of the factors that determines the legal status of a substance is its medicinal properties – which some scientists claim MDMA has.
A look inside one of our nation’s first “warriors only” PTSD treatment plans.
Meditation may be one of the most surprising and useful treatments for PTSD, here’s why
The text option for 988 and the chat feature on remained functional as work was done to restore the phone service
Members of the Tulsa police, fire department and EMS are joining the cause to raise veteran suicide awareness
As hard as I tried, I couldn’t protect our children from every episode that ripped through our house. Here’s our story.
EMS leaders and field personnel need to intensify the conversation about this very serious issue
The number of push-ups correlate to the number of veterans that die by suicide every day
The bill will provide a transition program for military medic veterans to become licensed EMTs
Licensing requirements and varying degrees of experience can make it difficult for returning servicemen to find jobs, but programs are emerging that can help