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A bold prediction that EMS patient transport to the hospital by ambulance is sure to peak, level off and decline as we near 2020
Rideshare services are offering same day service, 24/7 availability and provider billing
Two economists conclude that Uber availability has reduced EMS ambulance transport by 7 percent in major U.S. cities
The chief highlighted the incident at a city council meeting to suggest the fire department have its own ambulance service
Announced in April, the feature allows riders to call 911 directly from the Uber app
The video compares ambulance transports and Uber rides and informs the public on when to choose one or the other
With an increasing amount of people using Uber as an ambulance to get to the ER, Uber drivers stress that they are not trained to handle emergencies
Uber Health will handle rides set up by doctor’s offices or other healthcare providers and then bill that business, not the patient, for the service
Chief Mark Becraft said a ride-share service doesn’t have a place in emergency medicine
EMS agencies are cautioned to understand the risk of triaging patients to a ride-sharing service instead of sending an ambulance
The ride-share service allows customers to pay less than what an ambulance ride costs, but at what risk to their health?
The victim was stabbed in the chest, back and face in a parking lot after he and his wife sought a ride home after a party
Drivers will learn CPR and first-aid for medical, trauma and environmental emergencies
Some hospitals are embracing the ridesharing app for patients with limited transport options
Taxi services and Uber drivers could be used to transport 911 callers as early as 2017