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The survivability topic contains the latest news and tips on how EMS providers can train to withstand a disaster or hostile environment.

These heartwarming reunions with survivors and family members show a ray of hope amidst difficult times
A recent study shows an increased survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients who are administered medication through IV access rather than IO access
New research questions whether pharmacotherapy in cardiac arrest is effective at ROSC and long-term survival
A Canadian military surveillance aircraft detected underwater noises in the area of the Titanic wreck, which might indicate at least someone is alive on the Titan
Wilkes County Emergency Medical Services carries its new machines and coolers in administrative trucks
EMS providers have been advised to cut back on their use of oxygen and focus on patients who have a greater chance of surviving
Studies found that the use of ECMO boosted survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients and that the Minnesota Mobile Resuscitation Consortium demonstrated 100% successful cannulation
Washburn EMTs Jill Weiss, Emily Rettertath and Mark Lelm are credited with saving the life of Clark Price, who suffered multiple heart attacks
Police said a Hatzolah Ambulance EMS provider who saw the crash in their rearview mirror managed to revive a driver police thought had died
Cypress Creek EMS reported how its team transfused blood into the subclavian vein feeding directly into the heart in an ambulance
MedStar in Fort Worth, Texas, said significant decreases in response volume and transports could mean patients are reluctant to seek help during medical emergencies
EMS providers will be required to comply with the binding order, as hospital and ambulance resources are overstretched due to COVID-19
A team of researchers and physicians developed a format for reviewing and reforming CPR practices to improve cardiac arrest survival rates
The service said it is now carrying Type O-positive blood and RhoGAM in the hopes of saving more lives
Cypress Creek medics believe the patient would not have made it to the hospital alive without the transfusion