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Private-Public Dispute

Separating community health care and 911 response will help distinguish EMS as first responders
The discussion of private versus public ambulance services is often met with animosity; here’s a no-fuss breakdown of the two
Opposition to raising assessments, reimbursements or funds for EMS have the potential to doom any EMS organization
TLC Emergency Medical Services is requesting an independent expert analyze the city’s plan to start their own ambulance service for viability
The Decatur Ambulance Regulatory Board meeting Tuesday included lawsuit threats, complaints and a dispute over a heart monitor battery
Mobile Medical Response officials disputed claims by Traverse City firefighters that service has worsened
Monroe County Clerk Donald Evans said STAT EMS’s intention is not to take 911 calls away from the Peterstown Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad
The owner of First Response Ambulance Service says the company will not buy new ambulances unless fines and penalties that could put it out of business are changed
First Response Ambulance Service criticized the city of Decatur’s penalty system of points and fines, adding that its response time requirements are higher than the national standard
Cypress Creek EMS officials say the suit is meant to stop Harris County Emergency Service District No. 1 from defunding the ambulance service before its contract ends
First Response Ambulance Service and Decatur city councilmembers still disagree on the issue of a performance bond and the penalty structure of the city’s new ambulance ordinance
Emergency Medical Services Authority filed a $16 million lawsuit against American Medical Response in September
First Response Ambulance Service said no financial institution will issue the bond, which is a new requirement for ambulance service in the city of Decatur
The expansion of the Mesa Fire and Medical Department’s ambulance fleet and upcoming expiration of a contract with AMR has revived talks of a possible shift to public EMS
A letter from AMR protesting the city’s plans to change ambulance services alleged a conflict of interest after AMR fired the chief’s son