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Industrial Accident

A worker was repairing the Waterford system when he was swept several hundred feet down stream
Swampscott first responders and Cataldo Ambulance Service were called for a problem with a rock crusher suspended above the quarry
A tourniquet was applied and the worker was flown to the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital
Fire and EMS crews from multiple departments responded to the metal and paint plant
Firefighters used an aerial apparatus to access the patient, video shows
After the first blast, 81 miners were rescued; a third blast Sunday killed those trapped and those attempting to rescue them
The assistant fire chief said the man appeared to have serious injuries
A hazmat crew contained the spill, and firefighters rinsed off the skin of everyone who may have come into contact with the chemical
The survivors had blast injuries that ranged in severity from minor to critical
The 63-year-old was between a desk and the machine that workers were moving, when one of the four jacks gave way and it fell on top of her