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Hands Only CPR

Lexipol Editorial Director Greg Friese guest hosts this episode with cohost Kelly Grayson as they discuss diversity in EMS education
Every song on our list falls within the recommended 100 to 120 bpm range to perform CPR
In this episode, our co-hosts welcome back Dr. Peter Antevy who offers his thoughts on the direction the industry is heading and the up-and-coming hot topics
Jeffrey Weber put his hands on Chris Wessels’ chest and remembered actor Steve Carell singing the Bee Gee’s song
Janie Morales suffered a heart attack during a game at Tropicana Field and Brad knew just what t do
TSA officer Mark Gumabon was reunited with first responders, TSA officers who resuscitated him after sudden cardiac arrest
Bees in Petaluma swarmed a man when he went to pick up his remote controlled airplane near commercial hives
HELP training is a new program offered to houses of worship and religious community groups
“If I hadn’t taken that course, I wouldn’t have known what to do” Raheem Morris said
When Russ Winters was found unresponsive, his wife began doing chest compressions, then his daughter took over until paramedics arrived
A Middlesex Hospital paramedic was in the area and first on the scene
Woodbridge Officer R.J. McPartland said the man had no pulse and burn marks on his hands
40 rescuers in Cheshire County were recognized for their work in saving victims of sudden cardiac arrest
By the time paramedics arrived, the athlete was “coherent and conversing” after being revived through CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator