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Key takeaways and lessons learned from the 2018 mass shooting event at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago
Behave, play nice and show some respect to strive for fellowship with doctors and nurses on hospital grounds
The things that are most disturbing to those working in health care are very different from what the public would think
South Carolina researchers found that door-to-treatment time was cut by 18 minutes with in-ambulance telehealth consultation
Haywood County emergency management officials are working with area hospitals to get patients the right level of care amidst an influx of COVID-19 case
Los Angeles Fire Department Medical Director Dr. Marc Eckstein says the COVID-19 crisis in the area has reached “uncharted territory”
Fresno, Kings, Madera and Tulare County paramedics will assess patients and refer them to an urgent care clinic or primary care physician if their condition is not an emergency
The Orange County Health Care Agency issued the order after 20 out of the county’s 25 ERs stopped taking new patients
Schenectady firefighter-paramedics armed with iPads will screen patients and then connect them to doctors to determine the best course of treatment
Susquehanna Regional EMS Paramedic Kathy Kling worked with UPMC Williamsport to open Angie’s Closet, named after Kling’s mother who died in a vehicle crash
Adams County Fire Rescue Paramedic Cody Grove witnessed North Suburban Medical Center X-ray Technician Kasey Wichael dislodge an object the child was choking on
The city of Louisville will also implement police reforms to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of EMT and ER Technician Breonna Taylor
A Virginia Beach Fire Department report said first responders were pushed and kicked and that EMS vehicles were jumped on after the fatal motorcycle crash
Ambulance services were temporarily diverted after officials say a woman in her 70s lost control of her vehicle and crashed through the ER’s glass doors
In addition to hospital caregivers receiving pre-hospital information, first responders will also receive information regarding the health of the patients whom they transported
A nurse practitioner will accompany Beverly Hills Fire Department firefighter-paramedics as they respond to 911 calls
Pam Lewis wants to protect all healthcare workers from attacks by adding wording to current legislation to make such assaults a Class C Felony
Volusia County officials unveiled a plan to enhance the EVAC system with seven ambulances, 28 EMS providers, new technology and nurse triage positions
The Be Well Orange County Regional Mental Health and Wellness Campus will offer mental health treatment, drug-abuse and psychiatric crisis-stabilization units
The study showed readmission to the hospital was reduced when nurses surveyed patients before release
The LAFD responded to the Cedars-Sinai Marina del Rey Hospital, where officials were forced to close the ER after a damaged pipe caused a liquid oxygen spill
LifePoint Health is launching a community paramedicine program to help people near the end of life
Dr. Mohak Davé was named emergency department director of the year for his success in “quality patient care, operational effectiveness and patient satisfaction”
Researchers said gunshot wounds among children and teens account for $270 million in hospital costs each year
Dr. Allan MacIntyre spoke about his experience in the ER after the Las Vegas shooting at the California Hospital Association’s Disaster Planning Conference
Closer options for emergency care also help first responders make faster trips and get back in service faster
Rosie’s Hugs began two years ago as a way to bring comfort to scared and sick children at two local emergency rooms
Despite attempts to steer patients away from the emergency room, visits have increased by 44 percent since 2006
“Of course, everybody of all ages get hurt, but the ones who get sick often tend to be the elderly,” nurse Wesley Milum said