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As an essential piece of personal protective equipment, you want to make sure gloves fit well, are durable, and are readily available
Learn from a real-world use case of the rescue strike team and the three phases of deployment
5 heartwarming reunions reflecting the profound impact medics have on the patients they save
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Ventilators and monitors will be safely secured inside the 19 MEDIC EMS ambulances
As EMS calls increase, the Amarillo Fire Department now has LIFEPAK 15 defibrillators on every front-line fire truck
By remounting rigs, the St. Charles County Ambulance District extends the life of their ambulance boxes and saves taxpayers money, Deputy Chief Jeremey Hollrah said
As an employer, the pressure is on to captivate the workforce and stand out in a competitive job market
Lincoln’s medic units will receive cardiac monitors, power cots, heart rhythm simulators, EADs and stair chairs
The ambulance service is spending more than $3M on the new safety measures
The donated equipment can’t fix the radio dead spots that reportedly affected officers’ response to the deadly school shooting, Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez said
The initiative includes a recruiting campaign, no-cost trainings and giving current providers equipment and supplies
Spokane Fire Department members have been learning to how use the pediatric resuscitation system and mobile app
Benjamin Silverstein, whose truck is outfitted with lights and a siren, said his vehicle also contained thousands of dollar’s worth of medical equipment
Find out how this all-in-one, reusable respirator is designed for comfort, range of motion and easy use
“EMS is at their most vulnerable, and we need the help,” said Heather Sharar, executive director of the Ambulance Association of Pennsylvania
New piece of gear improves weight distribution of gear and can be worn over PPE, said inventor Hannah Chevalier
In this episode, our co-hosts are joined by Eko Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Adam Saltman who discusses best practices for using a stethoscope
Along with a new vendor for their bleeding program, the American College of Surgeons also debuted its branded C-A-T, a “true self-applied, one-handed tourniquet”
The approval for new AEDs, cardiac monitors and CPR devices follows an inspection showing that most Eddy County fire vehicles lacked working AEDs
The respirators will be available for pickup at pharmacies and community health centers throughout the country
In this episode of Inside EMS, our co-hosts discuss supraglottic airways, the scope of practice for EMTs and how it could expand in the future
Eligible regional activities under AFG are Vehicle Acquisition, Training, Equipment, Wellness and Fitness, and PPE activities
When a new device clearly benefits both responder and patient, in-field usage naturally follows
David Bagioni, an EMS provider who has dealt with hearing loss since his early 20s, says the Eko CORE is ‘a game changer’ for him
In this episode of Inside EMS, host Chris Cebollero is joined by guest host Matt Zavadsky, who offers his thoughts on the current staffing shortage the industry is grappling with
Kelly Grayson shares how the digital amplification option from Eko stands up to rig noise and abuse
“We’ve had the opportunity to collect some money because of COVID that we can assist with,” Preston County Commissioner Samantha Stone said