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5 EMS TikTok creators you should follow

From equipment hacks to patient care tips and interview coaching for new recruits, these providers are educating others on the popular social media app


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If you haven’t spent any time on the app, you might think TikTok is just about making dance videos, when in fact, there’s a dizzying amount of content on any number of topics, including EMS.

A quick search for EMS-related terms will bring up humorous videos on interacting with patients, transport adventures, ambulance woes and more. While those videos are certainly entertaining, there are a few creators who are using the platform to provide educational EMS content in format for quick and easy absorbing and sharing.

Check out these informational creators below and follow their channel for similar content.

Do you have an EMS-focused TikTok channel? Drop your username in the comments and we may add it to our list.

1. Geoff Murphy – @geoffmurphymym

On his page, Geoff tackles a number of clinical topics – everything from hyperventilation during CPR, to calculating pediatric blood pressures and IV tips. He also encourages his followers to offer topics and questions for him to address in future TikToks.

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2. The Paramedic Coach – @theparamediccoach

For students looking for to pass their EMT or paramedic certification, this creator offers content designed to test their knowledge, with videos featuring multiple-choice questions, as well as practical information on what to expect during the course.

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3. Student Paramedics – @studentparamedics

Looking to talk shop? This TikTok page is a collaborative conversation between industry professionals. The videos often address questions from followers and debate different schools of thought, as well as highlight new industry technology and equipment.

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4. Rescue Academy – @rescue_academy

This creator offers providers another chance to check their knowledge and for EMS students to prep for their certifying exams.

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5. Limmer Education – @limmereducation

An old favorite on a new platform. Check out Limmer Education’s TikTok channel for all the tips and tricks for acing the NREMT exam, along with some CE trivia questions.

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