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Gaining insights into the EMS workforce, attrition, education, credentialing and quality patient care
How I explained response speed to the question “why don’t you run to the patient?” from an EMT student
Industry leaders weigh in on celebrating EMS Week amidst the forces shaping the EMS landscape
The web portal was launched to guide candidates through the new AEMT and paramedic certification examinations set to begin on July 1, 2024
The project, aimed at thoroughly assessing the occupational risks first responders face, has received an initial funding boost of $249,000
Cason, a retired professor of EMS education and past chair of NREMT, will be honored in New Orleans later this month
Six positions are open, including two spots to represent the National Association of State EMS Officials and the International Association of Fire Chiefs
To improve the current system, the CAAHEP and CoAEMSP plan to launch voluntary AEMT accreditation
The NREMT and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security are investigating Muncie Fire Department staffers
More than 500,000 providers are currently at the EMR, EMT, AEMT or paramedic level
“Rocco Morando was a luminary in the EMS profession and was instrumental in helping shape the lifesaving system we know,” said Bill Seifarth, executive director
“It’s not that kindness and altruism in our profession – and the world in general – is becoming rarer, it’s that it happens so often that it’s not news”
“I am proud of what I have contributed, but I’m even prouder of the personal and professional relationships I’ve forged,” Terry said
Our cohosts tackle monkeypox, state licensure, innovative recruitment solutions and the NREMT certification proposal
The resolution applies to continuing education, recertification, state licensure eligibility, refresher training and re-entry
Join NREMT leaders Bill Seifarth, Kevin Mackey and Maia Dorsett as they answer question about this dramatic period of events
The NREMT Chair gives a behind-the-scenes look at the comment period and talks transparency
Many industry professionals said they felt that stakeholders had been listened to, and some say this is a time to uphold standards and improve the industry
The organization also announced a 10-person task force to continue the conversation and explore solutions to industry challenges
The organization supports having one national certifying organization
From equipment hacks to patient care tips and interview coaching for new recruits, these providers are educating others on the popular social media app
“The NREMT should reconsider its currently proposed position that creates a new ‘back door’ option for state-level accreditation,” NEMSMA said
The board also stated that it has been disappointed in the outcomes of CAAHEP accreditation of paramedic education programs
Our co-hosts tackle the week’s top stories, including an EMT who was handcuffed after hitting a cop car with the rig door while exiting to unload a patient
Physicians group emphasizes the role of active EMS physician oversight, saying it is not guaranteed in state-level programs
“The EMS profession could withstand a weakened CoAEMSP far easier than it could a weakened NREMT accepted by fewer states”
In this episode, our co-hosts discuss a recent proposal from NREMT that could affect certification requirements for providers at all levels
All levels of certification for EMS providers would be affected; the public comment period is open
Elevate safety for yourself, your team and the patient to a principle and the most important thing throughout the call