Answers to burning questions about the NREMT resolution

Join NREMT leaders Bill Seifarth, Kevin Mackey and Maia Dorsett as they answer question about this dramatic period of events

On Aug. 17, 2022, the NREMT Board rescinded a resolution that would have done away with graduation from a nationally accredited paramedic program as a requirement for eligibility for national certification. 

Why? What led to the decision? What prompted the resolution in the first place?

Join NREMT Executive Director Bill Seifarth, NREMT Board Chair Kevin Mackey and NREMT Board Member Maia Dorsett as they discuss the process and answer burning questions about this dramatic period of events.

Learn more:

Learn more:

Q&A: Kevin Mackey shares the impetus behind NREMT Resolution 22-13

The NREMT Chair gives a behind-the-scenes look at the comment period and talks transparency

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