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EMS Expo 2011

EMS1 was in Las Vegas reporting from EMS Expo 2011, with the latest news — including breaking news, hot products and useful tips from educational sessions.

The unit retains the same features as the original paraPAC but with some key add-ons, providing the versatility to deliver oxygen therapy, CPAP, demand oxygen and mechanical ventilation
Mass-fatality incidents (MFIs) occur when there are more decedents or remains than the available resources can handle, when there are 10 or more fatalities, and when the incident involves a protracted and complex remains-recovery operation
The BariBoard is designed to support the torso and spine during chest compressions on patients weighing more than 275 lbs
EMS is the primary care provider for most homeless patients, creating a range of challenges for medics – from difficulty in getting histories to chronic diseases
The system can achieve economies of $1,500 to $2,000 in fuel costs per year, and reductions of 4.5 tons of CO2 emissions per vehicle, per year
Often the job for EMS starts where law enforcement’s stops, EMS World Expo session told
EMS systems must determine their plan for termination of resuscitation with a number of factors in mind, EMS World Expo session told
Dr. Bryan Bledsoe spoke about six new EMS myths at a session at EMS World Expo
Though they’re usually brief, mass shootings can cause ripples of destruction with huge implications for emergency responders, session told at EMS World Expo
Mike Smith went on to highlight 10 key tips for longevity in EMS during the address in Las Vegas