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EMS1 reports annually from the EMS World Expo conference, offering takeaways from educational sessions, product announcements and updates from the Expo floor.

Alexia Jobson, Dr. Peter Antevy, Brian Maloney, Doug Wolfberg and more join the podcast to discuss takeaways from the show
A red-flag approach to identifying true emergencies and treating patients with compassion
Collaboration between EMS and community resources is key to creating a stronger network of mental health crisis response
“Management of crush syndrome has to start in the rubble, in the hole, under the car, in the subway; treatment starts there.”
Stand and Deliver 2023 Winner Rebecca Carmody highlights the dos and don’ts of operating in an era where everyone has a camera on you
Debunking unsound research and increasing hospital collaboration to improve outcomes
A 3-step process to achieving your goals, contentment and success
Learn how the Philadelphia Fire Department redefined service delivery, funding and success
5 lecture preparation tips to ensure you leave your audience wanting more
The emergency physicians who resuscitated Damar Hamlin share their insights into SCA and CPR training
Cason, a retired professor of EMS education and past chair of NREMT, will be honored in New Orleans later this month
10 benefits of attending EMS conferences and learning from your peers
The manufacturer announced it would feature rigs built for Bell Ambulance and Amerimed EMS at the conference
While planning your trip to The Big Easy, check out these options for dining and entertainment, as well as EMS1 columnists to watch for at the Expo
Flight 60 is a turbine-driven ventilator developed by Israeli manufacturer Flight Medical
Find your anchor, continuing spinning radials and orbs that strengthen your career path, and be mindful of poisonous prey
Dr. Linda Dykes and Rom Duckworth discuss trans-Atlantic lessons in emergency management
Tim Rubert is credited with efforts to bring medical supplies to Ukraine and for advocating to get an EMS workforce bill introduced in Congress
Gainesville Fire Rescue’s Krista Ott and David Sutton share how to tell your story to stakeholders
Ken Bouvier, NREMT, offers low-cost tools and tips to improve incident command responses to emergencies
If you’re attending the conference, share your snapshots with the EMS1 team
The communication lines in EMS make it the mobile solution to bring the ER and lifesaving care to the patients
Sean Kivlehan and Kevin Collopy discuss “Stand and Deliver” and Harvard’s Ukraine Medical Training Initiative
Don’t worry, you can still experience elements of the show from afar
Conference season is now back into full swing; make the most of your time
The Sotair was designed to protect the airway and minimize gastric insufflation
Managing high-risk/difficult refusals with the FEARS mnemonic
Paramedic of the year, EMT of the year, combat medic of the year and other award winners will be recognized at EMS World Expo
Panelists discuss how they are making EMS education and training more accessible and available in rural parts of the country