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Low-cost options for improving dispatch, scheduling and resource management
Fire, police and EMS agencies, as well as local governments, share their appreciation for emergency dispatchers during the 2023 recognition week
EMT Frederick D. Whiteside, 43, was a veteran of 22 years at the FDNY
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Details released on the bizarre 911 calls for a Marine injured after ejecting from his F-35 over North Charleston
Carla Murphy’s attorney said her safety concerns with the CAD system led to a dispute with Deputy Commissioner Augier and Commissioner Kavanagh
Brian Smith expressed concerns about home addresses being flagged as dangerous for first responders based on potentially erroneous information
Officials announced the expansion of a pilot program into Newark that partners mental health screeners with police officers
A language barrier led to the initial call being dispatched as a medical emergency at a Milford construction site
Hayward Mayor Mark Salinas said the city’s recovery is ongoing
CAD upgrade in Owensboro eliminates previous extra steps and sends call information directly to ambulance service
75% of respondents said the high-stress nature of the job was the major factor in staffing shortages
AMR begins a new dispatching protocol in Clark County to deal with a paramedic shortage