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Teaching points from the ‘malpractice or murder’ case: Action steps for EMS practitioners
Jamie Kennel and Scott Orr discuss a study that revealed disparate treatment of patients based on race
Ego, tradition, indifference and bad judgment can allow inappropriate behaviors to become normalized
“I am not willing to give our health for him,” Sacramento Firefighter Timothy John Keyes wrote on Facebook, according to a disciplinary letter
Recently demoted Chief Michael Gala told Arnaldo Rodriguez not to return to the academy
The leadership development workshop will include take-home strategies
Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett said wants to be sure company changes and that she asked the fire chief to tell members to speak up if they witness misconduct
The researchers suggest that greater diversity in training materials could help improve patients’ survival rates
“I really want to make sure that this never happens to another female because I know how hard it has been,” said EMT Anna Broggi, who is suing
GMR and AMR maintain a “no facial hair” policy for first responders, arguing the respirators providers must wear won’t fit correctly
The paramedics and current or recent members of the fire prevention division said bias against Black women has affected their pay and opportunities
Lt. Rich Michelson alleges discrimination, a lack of due process and that a faulty misconduct claim was used to fire him
Gabriel Watson said his job was “constructively terminated;” Portland officials said he was laid off after he blacked out on duty and refused to take a fitness test
Still far short of a goal of 45% minority representation, veteran and retired Black members fear that upcoming retirements will further reduce the numbers
Actor James McDaniel says that the story of the pioneering EMS service is needed now