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Dissecting the lack of diversity of CPR manikins on social media

Lexipol Editorial Director Greg Friese guest hosts this episode with cohost Kelly Grayson as they discuss diversity in EMS education

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This week cohost Kelly Grayson is joined by guest host Greg Friese, editorial director for Lexipol, and the pair discuss a Canadian research study on the diversity of CPR manikins used in instructive social media posts within North and South America.

During a two year period, researchers found that fewer than 10% of the more than 200 manikin images used in social media instructional posts represented Black or Asian patients, while fewer than 2% represented overweight individuals.

“I kind of rolled my eyes at the study itself, but it does speak to a larger issue,” Grayson said. “No CPR manikin looks like me; none of them have legs and they all have at least one less chin than I do, but [this research] does speak to a larger issue in EMS, and society as a whole, about diversity and inclusivity in our profession.”

What do you think about the study? Listen to the full conversation and add your comments on the topic below.

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