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Legislative takeaways from AAA’s Shawn Baird, Randy Strozyk and Dr. Gerad Troutman; and as well as Senator Bill Cassidy
Steve Grau, Anna Liotta and Steve Wirth join hosts Rob Lawrence and Chris Cebollero at the American Ambulance Association Annual Conference 2023
Steve Grau, Anna Liotta and Steve Wirth join hosts Rob Lawrence and Chris Cebollero at the American Ambulance Association Annual Conference 2023
The board’s action is intended to “revolutionize the delivery of emergency medical care and transportation in most of San Bernardino County”
Preserving Access to Ground Ambulance Medical Services Act is introduced in the Senate and House
The American Ambulance Association details the changing or ending flexibilities and waivers
The AAA and Newton 360 Industry Turnover Survey reveals increased turnover rates in full and part-time EMTs and paramedics
“I am humbled and honored to be the recipient of the 2022 AAA President’s Award,” Rob Lawrence told EMS1
AMR’s award-winning earn-while-you-learn programs allow previously untrained candidates to became certified as EMTs in 12 weeks
AAA, IAFC, IAFF and NAEMT write to Secretary Pete Buttigieg to restore production levels
The organizations seek to collect and analyze ambulance industry employee turnover information to produce a report that provides useful, actionable data
The association is also accepting nominations for ethics committee members and honorary members
The document lays out principles on when and why to use rigs’ lights and sirens — and when not to
Boston-based Cataldo Ambulance’s Ron Quaranto discusses leading a large EMS organization through the pandemic, recruitment and retention, and vaccine mandates
Hosts Cebollero, Grayson, Lawrence, Antevy and more address the year’s hot topics and clinical challenges
If lawmakers do not act, payments will be reduced by 4%
Join the UCSF physician team as they discuss the wonders of ECMO
“We’ve got to figure out new ways of delivering the services that are needed,” said Arlington Fire Chief Don Crowson
A new online resource is helping hospitals and healthcare providers better understand privacy rule
The most recent survey results from the American Ambulance Association, in partnership with Newton 360, reflect working conditions during the pandemic
Join us as we discuss the simplest, most important things you need to know for your next heart racing encounter
AAA Rural Task Force Chair Justin Grohs joins the podcast to discuss staffing and financial stressors
Ford, which supplies approximately 70% of the ambulance chassis in the United States, shut down several plants due to the shortage
Our cohosts discuss bleeding control, early tourniquet use and transportation to a trauma center
What the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 means for treatment and transport reimbursement post COVID-19
NAEMT, IAFC and AAA leaders discuss vaccine hesitancy, PPE fatigue and treatment in place legislation
The 7-minute survey will provide feedback for CMS regarding waivers during the COVID-19 emergency
In the past year, EMS has been on the front lines, has provided care and has sacrificed in equal measure
The incoming AAA president advises leaders on how to leverage resources, reports on discussion with Biden/Harris transition team