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AAA releases 3rd annual EMS employee turnover survey results

The most recent survey results from the American Ambulance Association, in partnership with Newton 360, reflect working conditions during the pandemic


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By Rachel Engel and Jessie Forand

WASHINGTON — The American Ambulance Association, in partnership with EMS-based performance management software platform Newton 360, released the results of the 3rd annual study of EMS employee turnover.

While issues of recruitment and retention have increasingly been a source of concern in the industry over the years, the most recent survey results reflect working conditions during the pandemic, which put an increased strain on providers and agencies.

“The EMS workforce rose to the challenge and battled the disease, despite the workforce shortages that have plagued the EMS profession for nearly a decade,” a statement on the AAA website read. “EMS organizations stepped up by offering innovative solutions to public health crises, including establishing testing and vaccinations sites around the country, suggesting that EMS employers and employees are prepared to expand their role to include greater provision of preventive services and community-based healthcare.”

The statement also mentioned the financial hardships agencies faced during the pandemic as they struggled to keep up with demand.

“There was also an economic impact to many organizations as call volume decreased and the costs of providing services significantly increased,” the statement read.

Visit the AAA website to download your copy of the results.