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911 Misuse

Austin’s 911 Mental Health Diversion Program is getting the right resources to mental health crisis and lowering arrest rates
Bizarre crimes, angry animals, a prank gone wrong, and more - these are the most mind-boggling EMS stories from the past year
FDNY EMS Chief Lillian Bonsignore says “any and all options” are on the table to prevent a lag in response times due to the spread of COVID-19 among members
South County Fire is adding staff to its community resource paramedic program that has decreased 911 calls and emergency department visits
EMS officials in Cayuga County are looking at how to deal with increased calls as AMR prepares to leave at year’s end
Delaware County officials look at a pilot program using mental health professionals, certified peer specialists as a fourth emergency service
Artificial intelligence is being tested to see how it can answer non-emergency calls, reducing dispatchers’ workload
Mobile Integrated Health in Clark County will focus on reducing non-emergency 911 calls and providing resources for the medically-vulnerable population
Crash detection technology automatically alerts 911 when a severe car crash is detected, but it’s frequently leading to false reports
About $450,000 will go to nonprofits that focus on EMT training for young people of color, and $300,000 will go to Interface Children and Family Services
Scioto County leaders started a campaign earlier this month asking the public “stop and think” before requesting emergency services
A man listed as transient in St. Petersburg misbehaved while EMTs tried to treat him, an arrest report says
The caller was apparently complaining about slow traffic
Union County EMS officials wrote that residents are likely mistaking the sound of cicadas for vehicle or home alarms
A man is facing charges after posting a video of himself passed out behind the wheel in Times Square — just to get thousands of views