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Should medics intubate out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients?

- 02/04/2016

By Christopher T. Boyer The American Heart Association 2015 guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care are somewhat inconclusive about advanced airway management for patients in cardiac ...

NC official under fire for calling firefighters 'bubbas'

- 02/03/2016

WASHINGTON, N.C. — Nearly 100 responders and other protestors gathered at a commissioners meeting after a commissioner called firefighters who provided on-scene medical services "bubbas." WNCN ...

Texas health groups to teach CPR to 20,000 people in 1 day

- 02/02/2016

WASHINGTON — A coalition of emergency physicians and health groups in Texas is hosting an event at over 43 sites in the state to teach hands-only CPR while aiming to set a new Guinness ...

Iowa receives grant for LUCAS purchase

- 02/01/2016

By Dolly A. Butz Sioux City Journal SIOUX CITY, Iowa — A $6.3 million grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust could improve the outcomes of Iowans experiencing cardiac arrest, especially ...

Ky. Senate OKs bill to require CPR training in schools

- 01/29/2016

Associated Press FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky Senate has voted to require that public high school students receive basic CPR training. The measure passed the Senate on a 32-6 vote ...

Pediatric CPR nursery rhyme song goes viral

- 01/22/2016

LONDON — A video released by St John Ambulance of a nursery rhyme song to teach parents and bystanders what to do when a baby stops breathing is going viral. The first step is to call ...

Rhyming pediatric CPR instruction video goes viral

- 01/22/2016

St John Ambulance released the video to instruct families on how to perform CPR on their baby in case of emergency.

Living in high-rise buildings associated with lower survival rates from cardiac arrests

- 01/19/2016

TORONTO — The number of people living in high-rise buildings in rising, but along with the convenience and panoramic views of a downtown condo comes a risk: A new study found that survival ...

Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium expanded cardiac arrest research

- 01/17/2016

By Jason Buick SAN DIEGO — The impact of the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium 10-year study of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest was the highlight of a session at the National Association ...

School worker has purse stolen while giving CPR to student

- 01/12/2016

Police have released a video of the man suspected of stealing the purse.

School worker has purse stolen while giving CPR to student

- 01/12/2016

Associated Press PHILADELPHIA — Police say a Philadelphia school counselor had her purse stolen while she was giving CPR to a student. Police say the woman left her bag in a stairwell ...

What Would You Do? Do not resuscitate order is not signed

- 01/06/2016

You respond to a nursing home for a patient in cardiac arrest. The patient's do not resuscitate order has not been signed. The staff haven't started CPR and don't want you to start compressions. ...

Top 5 EMS videos of December 2015

- 01/06/2016

Tips for better airway management and a STEMI mimics refresher for medics are among this month's favorite videos. Which one was your favorite? 1. Interior view ...

3 steps to improve pediatric cardiac arrest outcomes

- 01/05/2016

The three steps involve refocusing on a different part of the pediatric cardiac arrest timeline, to have better out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes.

Prove It: Are continuous chest compressions more effective?

- 01/05/2016

Rescue 12 and Engine 52 respond to a report of an unconscious person in a private residence. On the way, a dispatch indicates the patient is a 67-year-old male and one of the dispatchers is giving ...

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