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Nancy Magee: ‘Volunteerism is at the core of every civil society’

Host Chris Cebollero speaks with Magee about the role of volunteers in EMS and how they can stop the exodus from the field

“All of EMS is volunteerism.” This week, host Chris Cebollero is joined by industry advocate and EMS1 columnist Nancy Magee to discuss the current state of volunteerism in the profession. The conversation explores how leaders can balance the demands placed on volunteers with proper recognition, support and understanding, while also being responsive to the community’s needs.

Top quotes from the episode

“Volunteering is its own reward. It really can help you in your head space, but you don’t get that until you try it.” – Nancy Magee

“People have to know that what they do made a difference. You’re important to the agency. We need you and what you do every day, whether it’s putting a little old lady back in her bed or recognizing that she’s decompensating and not that she dropped the remote this time.” – Nancy Magee

“It has to be understood by the community that EMS costs money. And you’re getting a great bang for your buck if you have competent, local, readily available volunteers.” – Nancy Magee

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