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Video laryngoscope

Check out this incredible footage from video laryngoscopes that captured burned and swollen airways during intubation
Successful airway management is the culmination of preparation, practice and technique mastery
Ensure your EMS providers understand when to use video laryngoscopes and airway anatomy, and practice their intubation skills
Cumberland Fire and EMS will be purchasing video laryngoscopes and other EMS equipment
Jackson County Fire Rescue expects to place the new equipment in all of its front-line ambulances this summer
A Vanderbilt University Medical Center study compared intubation attempts in over 1,400 patients in hospitals across the nation
The instrument allows medics to insert a tube into a patient’s lungs using a special blade with a camera attached to it.
One medical director is challenging the current pediatric intubation paradigm, exploring direct and video laryngoscopy
Video laryngoscopy may improve overall and first-pass success rates for ET intubation by paramedics
Central EMS in partnership with Forsyth County fire department is adopting video laryngoscopy for endotracheal intubation
Win the airway with prehospital video laryngoscopy for first attempt intubation