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We do everything we can in the hope we’re wrong about what is happening to the smallest of victims
EMS providers need to know and share the updated American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep recommendations with parents and caregivers of infants
Paramedic Bart Buckendorf will visit more than 30 towns to teach a class and raise awareness of the dangers of SIDS
The state is also mandating that all child care employees undergo training for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome before working with children
Ada County Paramedics pooled funds from their own paychecks to equip three ambulances with the ABC of Safe Infant Sleep messaging
The new report includes evidence that supports skin-to-skin care for newborn infants and how to create a safe sleep environment
Pete Keach heard a call over dispatch for a boy who was found unresponsive in bed; the parents are now raising money for SIDS awareness