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Rapid Response

The Rapid Response topic features expert analysis on recent news events. These in-depth articles also provide EMS agencies and leaders with top takeaways to learn from and relevant resources to bring back and implement within your own agency to always be prepared.

Practical takeaways from the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade shooting for initial treatment and safe transportation
A New York man collapsed on a sidewalk after police ordered him to exit an ambulance where he is alleged to have assaulted an EMS provider
Train your communities to identify, call out and respond to active threats
Local EMS leaders said that a recent pay increase may help, but they cited burnout, attacks and industry-wide staffing struggles
The Cool Branch Volunteer Rescue Department now has full-time and part-time EMTs and paramedics plus volunteers
Maryland physician describes the current pediatric bed crisis as “far worse than the worst days of the adult critical care bed crunch during COVID”
Broward Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Michael B. Kane: “Testing could not empirically establish that the fire station alerting system worked properly at the time”
The dangers to EMTs/medics are less well known to the general public than firefighting, even at times to the agencies where they work
Unprovoked killing of Lt. Alison Russo-Elling is a tragic reminder that EMS providers are putting their lives at risk for choosing to serve their community
Paid and volunteer firefighters worked together to answer hundreds of calls for rescues
Sevyn Schatzman-Chase was two days old when she stopped breathing; her mother dialed 911 and her father started chest compressions
Boulder Fire-Rescue Chief Mike Calderazzo said the goal is to bring response times down from a high of 11 minutes to about six minutes
A passenger from the Missouri Amtrak derailment shares details of the response involving nearly 20 local and state agencies
Focusing on swift triage, being good at the basics and having a plan for exfiltrating the wounded are essential steps to immediate lifesaving measures
Morgan County EMS says Keenan Blair’s death is being investigated