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Identify possible risk factors for pregnancy, and connect women and families to local resources
Firefighter Megan Warfield leapt into action to help a victim in an overturned car after being involved in a multi-vehicle crash – and gave birth 23 hours later
You are asked to respond to a private residence for a female patient; did you get the diagnosis right?
State health officials say the street medicine program reaches some of the state’s sickest and most vulnerable people
Each Gaumard product “actually simulates a live human being, and we’ll be able to train on it and hone our skills,” said Chief Amera Gilchrist
A person in Maryland died, another lost a pregnancy and at least 13 cases have required hospitalization
Megan Warfield, a firefighter with Baltimore County and the Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Department, checked on a driver in an overturned vehicle
West Virginia Northern Community College also received a mobile ambulance simulator
A 9-month pregnant woman waited more than an hour for a Richmond Ambulance Authority to arrive after a driver ran a red light and crashed into her vehicle
Remy Lee, 31, told EMS providers at the scene, “It was my baby father,” before later succumbing to her gunshot wound injuries
Former EMS Southwest EMT Bayley Colvin is suing the agency, saying she was previously scolded for rescheduling a doctor’s appointment and being late due to morning sickness
Police called the ambulance after the woman complained of abdominal pain from pregnancy during a traffic stop
The EOCC lawsuit states that AMR refused the request of a pregnant paramedic for light duty during her third trimester
As a result of the first responders work, four lives were saved through organ donation
Officials said the drunk patient became violent after being told he had to go to the hospital and punched the EMT before running away