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The APGAR score is a widely used, standard method to assess a newborn infant
Take a trip down memory lane and see Barbie’s multiple roles as a first responder
Obstetrics studies reveal best practices in newborn suctioning, umbilical cord clamping
The Maine Department of Health and Human Services has approved the use of the KangooFix and oxytocin
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The same doctor even delivered both babies for Kaitlyn Hoffman and Giesel Gonzalez, who have been partners on the same ambulance for three years
State health officials say the street medicine program reaches some of the state’s sickest and most vulnerable people
Identify possible risk factors for pregnancy, and connect women and families to local resources
Each Gaumard product “actually simulates a live human being, and we’ll be able to train on it and hone our skills,” said Chief Amera Gilchrist
“The most useful books that I’ve read from the perspective of practicing medicine are non-medical books.”
Yuliia “Taira” Paievska was selected to receive an International Women of Courage Award, along with 10 other women from around the world
Lompoc firefighters rescued all three of them, and EMS transported the mother and child to a hospital
The founders of the Women in Emergency Services association discuss their mission
Firefighter Megan Warfield leapt into action to help a victim in an overturned car after being involved in a multi-vehicle crash – and gave birth 23 hours later
“She has broken multiple glass ceilings in her career,” Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said, praising Lillian Bonsignore for her leadership through hard times
The department must implement a plan to hire more women and non-white firefighters and upgrade stations to accommodate women’s privacy
A person in Maryland died, another lost a pregnancy and at least 13 cases have required hospitalization
Megan Warfield, a firefighter with Baltimore County and the Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Department, checked on a driver in an overturned vehicle
West Virginia Northern Community College also received a mobile ambulance simulator
Safety Director Karrie Howard: Nicole Carlton “has proven herself an effective leader during several major events within the city. Carlton is a dedicated public servant”
Tonya Boyd and Cheryl Middleton have been role models as deputy chiefs
“It’s about time females will get the recognition that they can do this job and do it well,” said EMS Lt. Allison Shaughnessy
Nationwide, only 8.4% of pilots are women; however, Megan Meier and Sarah Snell make up 25% of Aspirus MedEvac pilots in Wisconsin
“Breaking barriers is possible,” said Queen Anunay, who until recently led the EMS division
Janet Taylor’s medical career allowed her to follow her passions from working as a flight nurse to serving as a nurse in a paramedic role
Ambulance Victoria employees said trauma from workplace conditions was worse than what they experienced from the work itself
Clinical Specialist Micah Morgan joined the department in 2018 and immediately set a personal goal of joining the elite team
“I worked hard and the opportunity was there, I took it every chance I got,” said Seekonk Fire Chief Sandra Lowery
American Ambulance Paramedic Mindy Fisher shares tips for these high-stress cases and a delivery story from the field