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Pittsburgh EMS to get high-tech manikins for training in trauma care, child delivery

Each Gaumard product “actually simulates a live human being, and we’ll be able to train on it and hone our skills,” said Chief Amera Gilchrist


By Julia Felton
The Tribune-Review

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh is buying new, high-tech mannequins that will be used by EMS personnel for training.

James Dlutowski, the training crew chief for the city’s EMS, said the high-fidelity mannequins will enable the city’s EMS bureau to do mock simulations that prepare personnel for real-life scenarios they may encounter on the job.

“This mannequin actually simulates a live human being, and we’ll be able to train on it and hone our skills,” EMS Chief Amera Gilchrist said, noting EMS personnel will be able to measure the new mannequins’ heart rate and blood pressure and the mannequins will respond to treatments like a real patient would.

City Council on Tuesday approved a $152,000 contract to buy the mannequins from Florida-based Gaumard. They will replace ones that have become outdated.

The first mannequin will be able to simulate childbirth.

“This simulator basically delivers a baby normally and through various breeches and complications,” Dlutowski said, adding that paramedics also can take its blood pressure, use a defibrillator on it and conduct other mock treatments.

It comes with a high-fidelity neonate, or newborn, that will be used in the training, he said.

“Most mannequins are almost always androgenous, so this will be the first female mannequin that’s ever been experienced in the system,” Dlutowski said.

The second mannequin is an adult trauma mannequin designed for “all-hazards training,” Dlutowksi said.

“This mannequin is made specifically for outdoor and very rigorous use,” and can even get wet, Dlutowski said. That will enable the city to use the mannequin in various real-life settings, he said.

The contract also includes skills trainers, which aren’t as advanced technologically as the high-fidelity mannequins but allow personnel to practice skills such as inserting IVs and breathing tubes, Dlutowski said.

Dlutowski estimated the new equipment will arrive by early next year.

The EMS bureau has three high-fidelity adult simulators, two medium-fidelity adult simulators and three medium-fidelity simulators for infants and children, as well as lower-fidelity trainers.


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