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Bullying and Harassment

A firefighter charged with urinating on a medic’s belongings is a sign of a problem left brewing for too long
We can no longer shrug bullying off as “culture” or laugh it off as “tradition”
Don’t allow workplace harassment to distract you from your mission
DNA from the urine on the medic’s CD player strongly supported it came from a Kansas City firefighter
Former Sedgwick County 911 dispatchers identifed Director Elora Forshee’s leadership as “tyrannical,” “discriminatory”
Documents show Kansas City’s civil rights department investigated and substantiated her complaints that her supervisor “taunted and terrorized her”
“You, chief, were expected to set the standard, and you let this department and our community down,” said Cohanzie Director of Fire Services Michael Howley
Giovanna Vittori filed her discrimination lawsuit in 2018; later that year, she died from a medication overdose at 38
Brian Smith says he raised concerns about addresses being flagged as dangerous for first responders based on potentially erroneous information
Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett said wants to be sure company changes and that she asked the fire chief to tell members to speak up if they witness misconduct
“I really want to make sure that this never happens to another female because I know how hard it has been,” said EMT Anna Broggi, who is suing
Lt. Rich Michelson alleges discrimination, a lack of due process and that a faulty misconduct claim was used to fire him
Crystal Blevins accused the chief and others of inappropriate behavior; Jeffersontown Fire Department said it has taken appropriate action
Shortcutting the onboarding process and hazing are setting new providers up for failure
Hennepin Healthcare, which has been told to address racism and health inequities, is investigating
Hennepin Healthcare issued a letter two weeks ago pledging to address racism
An external investigation found evidence of racial harassment at the Everett Fire Department consistent with the complaints made by former member Jason Anderson
The town hall is the first part of a series of events about diversity, equity and inclusion
Ambulance Victoria employees said trauma from workplace conditions was worse than what they experienced from the work itself
Strategies to report and prevent sexual misconduct, so that all employees feel safe at work
Have we fallen victim to a blind eye?
Paramedic Caitlin Bopp says she was harassed by a colleague on duty at St. Joseph’s University Medical Center and ignored by hospital management when she sought help
By listener request, our hosts discuss the new law restricting ketamine use in Colorado and the Chicago sexual harassment settlement
A Chicago Fire Department audit found more than half of female paramedics were sexually harassed on the job
This episode of The Ultimate Leadership Podcast shares insights into why people bully and how to confront bullies
End these 8 behaviors to create a culture where bullying is replaced by kindness, dignity and respect
The 57-page suit alleges the city has failed to deter a long-standing, pervasive culture of sexual harassment throughout the city’s firehouses and facilities
Examining disciplinary culture, administration and perception in EMS
An upgraded charge was filed due to the suspect’s supervisory role over the EMT